Sawchestra is a collective of musicians, performers and artists with a shared passion for the musical saw. We create performances using musical saws, toys and unusual instruments. Most of our performances have a strong visual element, using film or the work of associate artists and theatre makers. We see our audiences as part of our collective and most of our performance’s contain elements where they can participate.

Most recently Sawchestra have created soundtracks to two silent films:

Lotte Reininger’s animated classic ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’ (1925).

Performed at The Marlborough Theatre, The Little Angel Theatre - Islington as part of the Puppetry on Film Festival and Folly for a Flyover a Create 11 commission.

‘Der Golem’ (1920) as part of the SCI-FI LONDON- Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly.


Sawchestra performed ‘Adrift with the Sawchestra’ Sunday 17th July as part of Barbican Bite’s contribution to the Shoreditch Festival.

Sawchestra performed their live ‘Prince Achmed’ Soundtrack at The Playgroup Festival, Saturday 6th August.

We were privileged to be a involved with Sarah (Spacedog) Angliss at ‘Play’ The Brighton Maker’s Faire Jamboree at The Brunswick - Brighton, 3rd September, featuring: Spacedog and Thomas Truax.

Watch out for more Sawchestra performances coming up in 2011,